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1. Reading Aide Monitor (E):

Wearable device which aides and tracks reading performance for children.

2. Wheeled Child Safety Seat (M):

Portable and multi-use car seat. Inventor is an undergraduate biomedical and economics student. Provisional application was filed on 4/4/2018.

3. Pipe Adapter (M):

This invention is a mechanically actuated steel grade pipe adapter that can be used to join and lock two different sized pipes. Works best in high-pressure applications. Scalable.

4. Heart Assistance Device (M):

An implantable device which aids in the proper functioning of a heart with an adverse medical condition. The inventor is a retired researcher.

5. Vacuum Insert (M):

This invention is a bagless vacuum insert which increases the productivity of a vacuum.

6. HVAC Air Manipulation Device (M):

This invention is a device which re-directs and balances the air flow in HVAC systems. Inventor is an HVAC technician who has experienced a substantial improvement in the effectiveness of HVAC systems when employing this invention.

7. Orbital Engine (M):

An improved mechanical engine device. The inventor is a retired engineer.

8. Car-Top Mount with Density with Population Density Estimation (E):

A device which integrates with a global positioning service to estimate the density of a population in the vehicle’s vicinity. Non-provisional application filed by volunteer attorney on 2/28/2017 (Appl. No.: 15/445,045). Currently in prosecution stage.

9. One-Hand Automatic Closing Mailbox (M):

An improved model of a mailbox which can be operated with the use of one hand and is automatic.

10. Woodworking Tool (M):

Inventor is a skilled and avid woodworker. This invention is a woodworking tool which is used to produce record adapters and is an improvement on existing products in terms of time, safety and precision. Inventor has a functional prototype.

11. Lift Crane Adapter (M):

This invention is used to assist with the hoisting of a vehicle. The inventor is a retired engineer.

12. Lawn Wand (M)

Device used to signal the location of a house.

13. Scented Umbrella

Device used to dispense a scent or odor on an umbrella.

14. Life Jacket Device (CP):

This invention prevents irritation and lacerations from life jacket components such as straps.

15. Hair Wrap (CP):

This invention is an improvement on current overnight hair wrapping products.

16. Locking Pocket Carrying Good and Method of Use (CP):

A pocket that is odor proof and detachable. Non-provisional filed 4/13/2018 (Appl. No.: 15/952,883).

17. Hand Warming Device (CP):

A device used to keep hand warms. 

18. Personal Vaporizer Holster (CP):

A detachable pivoting holster for personal vaporizers.

19. Dental Hygiene Kit (CP):

This invention is a compact travel kit for oral hygiene products.

20. Baseboard Cleaner (CP):

Device which easily cleans baseboards.

21. Vertical Farming System (CP):

This invention allows for the maximum density of growing space for plants.

22. Football Training Apparatus (CP):

This invention is mechanical device which assists with the training of football athletes.